Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Movies are a projection of a country's culture. This probably explains why it looks 'out of place' when you see an american actor starring in a movie with a foreign setting but now vice-versa. There is a difference between an international star and a star that is known internationally. The character known as James Bond, and actors: Jackie Chan and Jet Li fits all fall into these two catergories. They have made movies on the three major land masses: America, Asia and Europe, which include the old soviet union. However and for it is worth, most american actors are known internationally as movie stars but they are not internatioanl stars. There is a difference between the two: best keep that in mind though the movie can transdend its locale.

I like animation of all the cinematic forms of expressions. I like animation because you can make the characters do whatever you want, and say whatever you want and get away with it: poetic license and all that sort of thing. Animation have another quality that is not easily shared with regular film. There are virtually timeless and can be viewed repeatedly. There is no percieved change in the 'actor:' i.e. He doesn't age or die. I have three favorite animations: Disney's Hercules, Dreamwork SKG's The Prince of Egypt and Fox's Sci-Fi Titan AE. I watch these ever-so-often but of the three Dreamwork SKG's The Prince of Egypt is my favorite.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

The court jester was a man from olden times. His position was tenuous at best but he was the one whose job was to entertain the king, and should the king ever become dissatisfied with him, the usual refrain of "off with his head" could be heard. The movie actor is the modern day court jester and the only difference between the two is the size of their audience except that now the sound is not about "off their heads:" It is their movies stink...

There are millions of men living in France: women too and every day or two, Frenchmen proposes to their women; oftentimes under the Eiffel tower but sometimes, not. Tom Cruise staged a stunt where he proposed to his girl at the tower and the whole world looked on in awe. Since Tom Cruise won't do it, I will: Apologise to the people of France, that is...
I started reading this book when I lost my first job at the age of eighteen. It took me three months to get through the first chapter but by the end of that year, I had managed to get through about half of this book and I had finished the book several weeks later. Since then I have read this book about two - three times but more importantly, I have read various sections of this book repeatedly. It is not an easy book to read but it is by the far the most hilarious. It is also the most murderous. Slavery is mentioned there in but then again, so is betrayal, kindness, generousity, love, forgiveness and good old fashion advice on all aspects of life. I have read several thousand books in my short life because we grew up without a boob tube and, well..., we had to find something to occupy our mind: so we read. Comics, magazines, novels, text books, other books but nothing have ever taken the place of this book: I refer to none other than the King James Version of The Holy Bible.
I have always said, my mother had her children the correct way: four boys followed by three girls. That way the boys should have been in a position to look out for the girls. Fortunately, that did not happen too often but it was nice to think about. I am the second son of the four boys, which make me one of the fore-runners for my family's fortunes. Of my three sisters, I love the eldest the most. However, I admire the youngest the most because she achieved mosre than any of us in the shortest possible time. She graduated from UWI with a double major in Mathermatics and Accounting and within the same year, she managed to become a CPA. That is a remarkable achievement. Kudos to her! As for my middle sister: She can speak several languages and for that - I respect her the most. They are my sisters. I can love one more than the other, repsect and admire another at the expense of another. I call that: family...

Friday, June 24, 2005

As vast as the world wide web is, I must say there are very few sites that I visit. My homepage is Lewrockwell.com for several reasons. The first is there are no pictures on the page and you get an option of reading ten-twelve stories, mostly Austrian economics but mostly fun. For technical stuff, I visit theregister.co.uk and theinquirer.net. Both are British and the stroies have humor in them, plus I like the register's slogan: 'Biting the hand that feeds it.' I follow world news on bbc.co.uk and keep abreast with all things with a GNU/Linux flavor at lxer.com and Linux.org. Then I read wired magazine at wired.com and because I have a PS2, I occasionaly take a peek at eurogamer.net and gamesindustry.biz. I hate the pages of the webportals like yahoo, MSN or the usual news cites like ABC, CNN or MS-BNC. These pages load slow because there are too many pictures and they remind me of the front page of the newspaper. I rarely follow links in a story and I have set my browser to keep pages only for one day.
Sorry. I run GNU/Linux so I have no problems with viruses...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Who am I?
Jackie Chan starred in a movie with the similar title. It was a movie in which he lost his memory and was used, both by his friends and enemies to their own ends, which was the recovery of stolen goods. The question, however is one that is often asked but seldom answered: correctly answered that is.
I am Barbadian by birth: West Indian by location; British by association and American by choice. I am protestant by religous classification: black, white and Indian by blood line but as exciting as these compositions are, they can only be used to describe but not define me.
Who am I?
I am me...