Friday, June 24, 2005

As vast as the world wide web is, I must say there are very few sites that I visit. My homepage is for several reasons. The first is there are no pictures on the page and you get an option of reading ten-twelve stories, mostly Austrian economics but mostly fun. For technical stuff, I visit and Both are British and the stroies have humor in them, plus I like the register's slogan: 'Biting the hand that feeds it.' I follow world news on and keep abreast with all things with a GNU/Linux flavor at and Then I read wired magazine at and because I have a PS2, I occasionaly take a peek at and I hate the pages of the webportals like yahoo, MSN or the usual news cites like ABC, CNN or MS-BNC. These pages load slow because there are too many pictures and they remind me of the front page of the newspaper. I rarely follow links in a story and I have set my browser to keep pages only for one day.
Sorry. I run GNU/Linux so I have no problems with viruses...


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