Saturday, June 25, 2005

I started reading this book when I lost my first job at the age of eighteen. It took me three months to get through the first chapter but by the end of that year, I had managed to get through about half of this book and I had finished the book several weeks later. Since then I have read this book about two - three times but more importantly, I have read various sections of this book repeatedly. It is not an easy book to read but it is by the far the most hilarious. It is also the most murderous. Slavery is mentioned there in but then again, so is betrayal, kindness, generousity, love, forgiveness and good old fashion advice on all aspects of life. I have read several thousand books in my short life because we grew up without a boob tube and, well..., we had to find something to occupy our mind: so we read. Comics, magazines, novels, text books, other books but nothing have ever taken the place of this book: I refer to none other than the King James Version of The Holy Bible.


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