Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Movies are a projection of a country's culture. This probably explains why it looks 'out of place' when you see an american actor starring in a movie with a foreign setting but now vice-versa. There is a difference between an international star and a star that is known internationally. The character known as James Bond, and actors: Jackie Chan and Jet Li fits all fall into these two catergories. They have made movies on the three major land masses: America, Asia and Europe, which include the old soviet union. However and for it is worth, most american actors are known internationally as movie stars but they are not internatioanl stars. There is a difference between the two: best keep that in mind though the movie can transdend its locale.

I like animation of all the cinematic forms of expressions. I like animation because you can make the characters do whatever you want, and say whatever you want and get away with it: poetic license and all that sort of thing. Animation have another quality that is not easily shared with regular film. There are virtually timeless and can be viewed repeatedly. There is no percieved change in the 'actor:' i.e. He doesn't age or die. I have three favorite animations: Disney's Hercules, Dreamwork SKG's The Prince of Egypt and Fox's Sci-Fi Titan AE. I watch these ever-so-often but of the three Dreamwork SKG's The Prince of Egypt is my favorite.


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