Monday, July 25, 2005

Gotta love comics

Comics are not an American creation: no, not by a long shot but these picture books have been the center of almost all teenagers' lives and America commercialized them to the extent that comics are now universal; Marvel group being by far the most popular but DC being a close second.

I love comics. They are easy and fun to read. The hero or heroine is usually some samll insignificant person that find his or herself being thrust into the limelight and the villian: well, ... the villian is usually an overblown image of his otherwise small ego.

Call them supervillians: if you may!

Super villians are, in many respects, relate-able because of personable tragedy and in many cases, these villians are likeable but unlike the hero, which is loveable, we take delight whenever the villians' ploys are foiled.

Ever since he was thrusted into the American psyche by the 41st. President of the United States of America, Osama bin Laden has attained super villan status, which begged the observation that governments cannot deal effectively with super villians.

Just as in the comic book, the hero mixes it up with the villian but the bad guy always, somehow, manages to escape only to fight another day; and the hero retreats to his place of refuge, where his wounds are natured and his psyche, nurtured.

Osama bin Laden: nothing but a comic book super villan being played out in real life. There are plenty of collateral damage but in the end, the bad guy always seen to get away, only to resurface later for a repeat performance.

Been there: done that!

Gotta love comics...


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