Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I am going out on a limb nad say that China's effort of building their economy is the greatest thing that could ever happen to the next generation of Americans. It may not be so great for the Federal government and their Washingtonites but it is the best news that the commoners could ever hear.

Here is why: The recent attempt by the Chinese backed oil conglimerate to buy US Unocal reveal the true nature of all people-in-power, every where; and that is their self preservation and the scare tactics they will employ to retain said power. We, meaning corporations in these united states, have sold entities before.

Four examples: The Japanese own the Empire State building, IBM just dumped their computer making division on the Chinese and our Federal Government has invited the United Nation to co-manage our major parks. Sony couldn't sell their PS2 to certain countries because of fear of turning the thing into a supercomputer.

The above were all done without much fuss, but our government go into a tizzy when another government express interest in fossil fuel energy converting machines. Please note this has nothing to do with the simple man on the street, for he will buy gas irrespective of who owns the pumps; and the argument of the owner having the ability to withhold the commodity doesn't wash. The US government can withhold the product just as easily as the British, Japanese or Chinese if they own the pumps.

The mantra "for national security" does not apply to the individual. If it did, and if oil is deemed to be the government's most common denominator, then marriage would have to that of the individual. Since it is the most basic of all society, then individuals would have to institute a ban on foreign marriages in order to parallel the state: foreign government buying national's assest = individual marrying foreigners. Indiviuals cannot do this and if anyone can, then that person automatically become the state.

A convuluted argument: I know but I wanted to show how silly it would be for our national government to block the sale of Unocal to the Chinese. We need another country to be as developed as ours so that we can run there when the pressure get too hot over here.

But that will never happen and I am sure you know the reason why...


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