Sunday, July 10, 2005

I am not an American

Although I live in that part of the country that is routinely called "Fly Over Country:" the great expanse of land the lies between the east coast and the 'left' coast, I would call myself an American. Although, I can identify with the majority of norms, traditions and values around here, and though I live in the ultimate water state: five lakes surround us, I still cannot bring myself to be called by the 'a-word.'

I am not an American for one simple reason: I was not born in this country. I am a transplant, a Johnny Come-Lately and though I may enjoy rights and priviledges that natural born Americans enjoy, I am constantly reminded there is one that I cannot attain. I cannot become the President.

I am shouted down whenever I try pointing out the fallacy of the argument. The constitution says so, the say and therefore that settles it for them: never mind the thirteenth and fourteenth amendment to the constitution of united states of america guarantees me all rights and priviledges as a citizen, yet, in the view of many I am an outsider and theredore, cannot become the president.

The double standard becomes apparent quite clear and very, very quickly. If a naturalized citizen cannot become the president, then the united states is a country with two sets of laws: one for the Medes, the other for the Persians. However, the 'country' is quick to claim that not even the president is above the law.

I am confused! Which one is it? Either all citizens have the same rights or we are a country with two laws: it cannot be both.

The other BUT more important reason that I am not an American is tied up in the previous arguement. Congress was authorized to confirm citizenship upon aliens (side note: aliens, not humans): and if it something that government giveth, then it can also be taken away. All that is required for that to happen is five people dressed in long black robes to agree with the administrative branch of the federal branch of government and presto! It is done and you are out of here.

No, my friends: I am not an American. I was not born here and as such, I can be kicked out whenever the people say so. I am a guest, a temporary resident living at the whim and fancy of this country. Therefore, my coduct is according to that of a guest for when all is said and done, the most that I can say is that I am a citizen of the united states of america.

I don't dare forget that...


Blogger Lone Ranger said...

Judging from the posts I've read here, I'd have to agree with you -- you are not an American. Why don't you move on to a country more to your liking? Oh, I know. Because in this country you can achieve things that you would never achieve in your homeland. I don't mind immigrants. They are what makes this country great. It's those whiny, ungrateful immigrants I can't tolerate.

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