Sunday, July 03, 2005

If youth is such a wonderful thing, why did God waste it on the young?
That is not my quote but I find it amusing. Young people often laugh at their elders: cruel mockery but..., hey, it is life. We that live in these United States of America should be laughing at the congress just about, right now. Yes sir, we should be on our backs and be rolling on the ground at all 535 members of the US Congress. It is hours away from Independence Day (July 4th) and the boys, girls included, in Disneyland on the Potomac are proposing an amendment to the US constitution that would outlaw the burning of any US flag. Never mind most of the flags sold in this country are made in China, with Chinese labor and from Chinese materials. And so the eldery proposes to punish us for burning that which is ours: after all, we bought the flag from Walmart, remember, with our own money that we so slavishly worked for.

Reality Check: There were only four (4) reported incidences of people burning flags in the USA during the year of 2004: Four (4)!

But I have a question: two, if you may: If they succed in passing this law and there is a fire at a warehouse, and several thousand flags are burnt, was there a crime committed?

And if this warehouse is in Shanghi, China, are we going to start a war with China?

I think the young have justifiable reason to laugh at the ..., er, well... their elders.


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