Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Why? Oh! Why doesn't Hollywood understand?

I know they must be constantly making product but why haven't anyone over in Tinseltown sit the brasses down and try to figure out this madness? I am referring to making horrible video games from half-decent movies. I just read that Marvel has just inked a deal to make the video game from their upcoming movie, "Ghost Rider." Apart from asking the obvious: Do we really need another comic book movie, why is it that there must be a stupid video game for every movie produced?
Someone should really be telling these people that there is such a thing as saturation: we have probably reached it and the law of diminishing returns have already set in. If I, an admittedly movie lover, can be turned off by this crazed marketmania: if you make it, people will buy it, then what does Tinseltown think of the casual consumer?

Uuggghhhh! Enough already: quality is much better than quantity...


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