Thursday, August 18, 2005

Nice Try USA!

I am, of course, referring to the USA Network cable channel and not the country but I am a little more than peeved at the recent ending of their most recent episode: Lockdown, which aired on Sunday 14th. August, 2005 and later repeated at midnight. The 4400. The show ended with one of the main characters (Don't know his name and really don't care either) answering a question posed by their techie.

Q: What would you called an operation in which one of the most secured buildings in America has been infiltrated and its operations basically shut down for a day?

A: Terrorism!

Now pardon me, for I thought this show was about these returning people and their capabilities but revealed in this one single answer is the ultimate purpose: to get people comfortable with governmental actions with regards to acts classified as terrorism.

Never mind this same character, in another episode, was trying to smuggle his son out of the country to Switzerland: a son, who has killed another with a high powered rifle, or this same character has used members of this 4400 to infiltrate its main organization with the explicit purpose of gathering information BUT when the roles are reversed, this character was very quick to shout the word: Terrorism!

This show: The 4400, showed promised for all of three episodes when the powers of the returnees were being revealed. I honestly thought the writers would break new ground, especially now that the dog days of summer were upon us but unfortunately, The 4400 has veered off that fresh path and is now on the old and quite stale cops and robbers highway.

Recently, the first season came out on DVD and I thought about buying it but seeing this twist and the way in which policing powers are never questioned but are always assumed to be right, is in itself quite frightening: in most cases, the agents do not get judicial oversight when dealing with members of The 4400. It is taken for granted and the people are dealt with accordingly; one was even shot and no explanation given.

Meanwhile, the two main characters in the show have their demons to confront: a muderous son and a psychic daughter, who has revealed there will be hell to pay for double crossing The 4400.

But despite these two intriguing side plots, I find it very difficult to recommend this show to friends. In some cases, I would go and do something else and watch the rerun later. The show no longer holds my interest. It nothing but the latest shrill for the entertainment industry to extol the virtues of the state and there are enough of those on the idiot box as it seems.

Nice try USA but I have seen through your ploy and I am moving on. There may not be any origional TV out there but I know what I do not want and it's your 4400.

I am hanging up on this one!


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