Wednesday, August 03, 2005

When & where not to spend your money

I am stuck in the state of Connecticut, 800 miles away from my home when my laptop died: the battery died and the CD tray refuse to open. Being not too worried about the CD tray but in need of a new battery, I sought out the chain of stores that I bout the computer from: Best Buy and after walking into the store, I sought out the gentleman behind the computer section and stated my case.

"Hello. I recently bought a Compaq Presario model 2100 laptop from your store and I was wondering if you carry replacement batteries in stock."

Recently like less than a year.

The man looked at me and simply replied, "Sorry but I am not familiar with that model."

I looked at the salesman, blinked twice before thanking him and walking away. I stopped long enough to see the laptops on display before walking from the store. I thought as I walked into the ninety degree weather that it would take a miracle to get me back into Best Buy Stores, Inc.

The gentleman would never know of my decision not to frequent his employer's place of buisness again but, well..., ignorance is bliss: or should I have reminded him that Customer Service is still the best way of driving sales?

Nah! Let him figure that out on his own while I hunt down a battery for my Compaq Presario laptop computer.


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