Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Here's A Novel Idea For Rebuilding New Orleans

It has been on the news so many times that I am coming down with the case of news fatigue. I mean New Orleans, the Big Easy: the city that sits below lake level. The president has been winning friends and influencing people with an open check book the size of the congress of the united states. They are spending money, hand over fists in order to prove whi is more compassionate than the other.

The mayor of New Oleans has had his say also. He is talking big about letting people back into a still-flooded city while keeping one eye on the approaching cat-5 Rita. At present, the mayor is in a quandry. He wants the people to return but at the same time, he wants them to stay away.

Tough choices!

The govenor is probably the smartest of the trio. She has stayed off the idiot box more than the other two, and as such, out of sight: out of mind rules...

But even as they talk about rebuilding the Big-E with such wonderful things as dual-layer levees, stronger and higher concrete walls including the importation of Dutch technology: Holland is below sea level, here is a simple idea...

Why don't they try raising the city?

We could ship tons of rock from all over this country to New Oleans and raise the city: block by block, street by street, until the whole city is above sea level.

It certainly beats the other ideas that are currently being proposed: at least, the city won't be flooded again...


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