Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thinking Outside The Box

The proposals for rebuilding the city of Madi Gras were coming hard, fast and furious before Rita put them on hold. This time the machine was oiled, prep and ready. The media did its job admirably. The actors were well prepared; they played their parts well and when Rita finally made ladfall, its winds were classified as CAT-2; certainly much less catastrophic than hyped all week long.

In short: we were so promised such wantom destruction that when she finally petered out, we missed the biggest story of the past two hurricanes. Praises sung to our good fortunes, including the sparing of oil rigs and the efficiency of our military in handling the impacted area shielded our eyes to the obvious BUT it was there for all to see.

New Orleans was the test case and our masters performed quite admirably; they did even better in Texas, which was the unexpected second chance. Twice in one month and yet no one noticed because non spoke out BUT, as sure as night is different from day, it happened in these united states of america.

I am referring to complete relocation of a particular segment of our society. True, the circumstances were deemed urgent, disaters have a habit of doing that but nethertheless, the government dispersed tens of thousands of people within these lands and the saddest thing about it was there wasn't any outcry from the self appointed watchdogs. In fact, the press lauded the effort, calling it humanitarian.


In the east, a city kicked a bunch of people off their land before handing it to another group of individuals. They call that economic.

In the south, a city has just been relocated and they called it humanitarian.

What would we call it, if both of these factors ever be combined? Humanitarian Economis?

Anyone up for college 101...


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