Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Detroit Steel: A Conundrum

I bought my first new vehicle in the fall of 2000. It came down to choosing between two SUV's: GM Jimmy 4x4 and Toyota Forerunner 4x4. The deciding factor was choice of brakes; all other features being equal. The Toyota had a disc-drum brake combination while the Jimmy had disc-disc brakes.

I bought the Jimmy because the salesman got me a two tone truck: black and gold. Toyota had black with white but the paint scheme was not the clincher. It was the all wheel disc brakes on the Jimmy that sold me but this vehicle has been a thorn in my side ever since the day that I sign on the dotted line.


One: The vehicle refused to start the first day after I brought it home. The dealership replaced the ignigtion module because it was faulty.

Two: GM recalled the vehicle a year of months later.

Three: The left front drive axle went out at 60,000 miles. This happened when my sweetheart was forced to drive through a pot hole created by the city's negligence.

Four: The right front drive alxle went out at 61,500 miles later.

Five: The left front drive axle went out at 65,000. This happened a hundred miles from home. I was se annoyed at the vehicle that I towed it directly back to the original and left it there for a week.

Six: Replaced all tires and brakes on the early side of its cycle, considering I drive four miles eachway to work. I am not a foot stomping driver either.

Seven: The right head lamp assembly is broken and needs replacing. It's not as a result of an accident. The socket that holds the bulb is broken and cannot be repaired.

Eight: The most recent aggregation. The electronic shift control module on the transfer case is defective and needs replacing.

I submit the notion that the camel's back is broken. This part, no bigger than a wiper blade's motor has a listed price of over $600; and though I am aware of it being an electrical component, subject to failure and all that, I am a bit peeved at GM.

The drive train on any vehicle should be the most robust part of the vehicle but it doesn't seem so in this case. Almost all the problems related to this vehicle are drive line related.

I am not using the SPLIT MILK analogy and say, I should have bought Toyota. That would not do any good at this late stage in the day.

Not really!

However, I will say this: I will drive Detroit steel BUT I find it VERY difficult to recommend any of them...


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