Sunday, October 16, 2005

I had a dream: Apolitic or cryptic?

I had this dream and in my dream I was standing in our nation's capitol was but DC wasn't there anymore; it was one flat black spot. There wasn't a deep hole in the ground, charred or burning emblems with rising smoke, or any other suggestion how the city disappeared; the capitol simply wasn't there.

The squarest capitol on the face of the earth was no more!

I stood in my dream and looked around, the ground being elevated slightly for viewing and I saw buildings: buildings as far as the eye could see; thousands and thousands of builings. These newly constructed structures were in various stages of completion. These structures were not located in the city itself but rather, their boundaries started at the city limits.

These buildings were very identical in my dream; three floors. They even had the same exterior color; beige and white. The completed homes were closest to the city line and lessser finished buildings as you get away from town. Incindentally, the buildings were not built in circular fashion around the city but there were randomly located with interconnected roads.

I took a walk, deciding to visit one of these buildings and as I got closer, I noticed the buildings were nothing but apartments; three storied apartments. I was about to enter one when I saw the sign at the door asking all to remove shoes. I took off my shoes and went inside.

I was totally surprised!

The interior had wodden floors; higly polished and luxury carpet in the bedrooms. There were three bedrooms; a master bedroom with a luxury master bathroom. The master bedroom was at the opposite end of the apartment from the other two bedrooms. These two bedrooms shared a large double wash basin bathroom between then and there was a half bath in the foyer.

I walked into the kitchen. There was light brown granite island counter top with a six burner electric stove. A large stainless steel refrigerator with matching stacker ovens adorned the brightly lit room; a microwave complemented the area.

I walked from the kitchen into the living room and stopped. My counsin's mother was standing in the room sadly shaking her head and making a clucking sound with her mouth. She saw me and said with heavy anger mingled with cynicsm in her voice, spreading her hands, indicating the opulence of the apartment.

"Your tax dollars at work. This is your tax dollars at work!"

I decided to leave; leaving my cousin's mother still shaking her head in the living room. I walked towards the door where I had left my shoes but there were not there. I went to the other doors, thinking perhaps I was mistaken but no, my shoes were not there; they were gone.

Someone had taken my shoes!

I couldn't leave the apartment for outside had suddenly become wet. I needed my shoes to put on my feet so that I could walk through the mud; that clayish soil for which the DC area is famous for. I suddnely realized for all the beauty of the apartments that I was trapped.

I was trapped because of my own actions!

I awoke from my dream and went to work, telling a freind about my dream. We laughed, talking about the meaning of the dream, among other daily events, including General Motors, Delphi, Mortgages and the coming meltdown in the US economy as it shifts from an industrial era to...Global Informational?

That is, until I realized the meaning of the dream; a meaning so sinister and deadly that it made me to tremble.

Everyone living in good old USA is trapped: trapped, merely by the fact of living in this country and they cannot escape unless they walk away from the largesse of government. The problem is they have lost their shoes and therefore, it is impossible to walk.

Unless of course, they find their shoes!


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