Saturday, October 15, 2005

No to the SONY PSP

I have been sitting on the fence ever since Sony Corporation introduced their PSP - Playstation Portable gaming console. Really, I have seen one of these things; they are sweet and I would like to buy one BUT ...

From the onset, the company deliberately crippled the equipment by NOT releasing the UMD - Universal Media Disc - in recordable fashion. This decision forces the more expensive use of memory stick; a business move, I am sure SONY has calculated well.

But how much more easy would it be had if Sony decided to make this disc recordable?

Ingenuity would fit the guts of the hardware into that of the floppy drive and since it is nothing but a DVD recorder, there will no need to reinvent the wheel. Sony would make money from lincensing the manufacture of both hardware and discs.

Strike one against Sony...

The second mistake SONY has made with this PSP is with the upgraded firmware. It seems that with every release, the Japanese giant is making their handheld less innovative. They decided from its conception that the use of Homebrew would be disallowed but even more onerous, SONY has introduced DRM technology into the system. Courting Hellywood does bring its own problems and Sony has decided that is the way to go.

Strike two against Sony...

Should I wait for the third strike?

I am afraid that SONY, like Apple with their iPOD and all the other producers of video and audio content gadgets, has forgotten the most important purpose of their business: THE CUSTOMER!

In their zeal to maximize ever dollar profit, these companies had locked down their equipment with these management technologies that their have become nothing but paper weights. By lumping all experimentation as illegal, they have virtually made these TOOLS useless.

What they have done is shut out the most exciting aspect of our society; that is by allowing a few to experiment so that we all can benfit and these companies have also forgotten another fact.


So, at this juncture I will say politly to the SONY Corporation, "Thanks but no thanks. I will pass this time, on your PSP."


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