Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Rambling Thoughts

Hardcore gamers aren't the only ones BUT they, probably constitue the largest recreation group of people within any geographics, especially within the USA where they spend oogles amounts of money on, well, games.

With this segment expectation to grow at an alarming rate over the next five years, you can bet that those concerned are doing their best to get their cut of the pie.

Gamers are also the ones on technology's cutting edge, which explains why nVidia and ATI markets their high-end graphics cards with these people in mind first. Hardcore gamers want the best, in everything, to satisfy their gaming experience and they would spare no expense in doing that.

This well known fact is quite surprising for a couple of reasons: the first is; there are few games' developers who are rushing to take advantage of the dual core microprocessors from AMD and Intel, and if they are, then I am not hearing much about them.

Yes, I know of Quake and Doom but where and who are the others?

Should the game developers be letting us know about all the wonderful stuff they are doing with this new slew of hardware?

However, MicroSOFT says most of their games are going to be multithreated in their upcoming xBOX 360 console.

But isn't MS also a major PC game developer?

And why did the PC crowd have to wait until MS finish the coding for their console to benefit from it, especially since MS announced the ease of cross-compatability with their games XML code two years ago?

If this is not a conflict of interest, then at least can we call it a:
"wait until we are good and ready for you PC gamers attitude?"

I liked the SONY corporation. It made some pretty useful stuff that I have used from time to time, a,ong which is a radio-walkman and two (2) PS2s. I find it interesting however, concerning two stories about the Japanese media giant.

The first has to do with putting some type of siganture software on MicroSOFT Windows PCs, which breaks the system when the user attempts to remove it. Even if that was excusable; IT IS NOT, SONY's refusal to admit to doing anything wrong surely is insulting.

Surely SONY must recognize that more harm is done by allowing this thing to fester in the public; but I don't see how the company can easily undo the harm?

With perception being reality, I do not see myself spending any money on SONY's music anytime soon...

The second story has to do with a similar idea: putting an ID signature on their upcoming PS3. The story ran at joystick: but the inquirer chronicled it:

This story says something about SONY won't allow used games to be played on their consoles. Rumors are damaging and destructive at worse, ugly and hateful somewhere in the middle and annoying at least BUT SONY must also recognize the mere fact that there is concern because it has made it in the news.

Once again, I fail to see how SONY can stop this once it has taken on a life of its own.

Interesting speculation here: Who benefits from both of these stories?

Redmond, WA?

The big question: Shouldn't we, as consumers, wait until all this new technology be out for a while before running to become the first adopters?

While the bigger question is: Is SONY hurting the one person who should matter the most, to them, at least?

The customer...


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