Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Saving General Motors: 102

General Motors had its longest bask in the sunshine with the television series: The Dukes of Hazzard; that fracus about a crooked sheriff, his bumbling sidekick and the twin cousins of Bo & Luke with the lovely Daisy and the affably Grand-Pa. Nice show: pretty funny; one can learn alot about moonshine and all the good stuff that makes up country living from it...

Of course, that was television: a perfectly packaged deal delivered for mass consumption but there is always a grain of truth behind the biggest farce...

But in the real wolrd however, General Motors must start doing somethings, if it is to be saved. I made two points during my last post regarding the company's move and I continue here.

03: Streamlining Manufacturing:

General Motors Corporation should immediately stop all production of diesel engines! Work all current diesel engines into their current product line and cease production of making diesel engines. Close those plants and buy diesel engines from either Cummins, Detroit Diesel or Caterpillar.

Let the customer specify which engine they want but use On-Time delivery from these companies so as not to keep invetory at your plant.

All engines should have identical engine mounts so that it shouldn't matter who provides the engine. Also the electronic controls for the engine performance should come from the respective engine manufacturer; it does now but, I am speaking about having the ability to drop the engine in and plug it in universally into the truck's electrical syatem.

This shouldn't be a problem...

Also it is time to introduce the 24V or even 48V system. Try it here as an option!

04: Streamline Your Engines:

Make Four (4) Engine Blocks and tune each for their respective performance. Engine sizes should be in the 2.5L, 3.5L, 4.5L and 5.5L catergories.

That's it!

Four engine blocks should be fine BUT the performance will come from the tuning of each block. Four valves per cylinder will always deliver a better perfomance than two, so use that to differentiate your engines: base engines get the regular head while the high performance engines will get the better heads.

04: Offer Stick shift transmissions on your high performance vehicles! Some guys do actually engine driving and you need to actively pursue these people.

05: Offer All Wheel Drive (AWD) cars! This shouldn't de that difficult to incorporate into all models, especially Front Wheel Drive vehicles.

06: No more drum brakes! All your vehicles should come equipped with disc brakes. Also, standardize your vehicles on wheel and tire sizes; 15, 17, 19 inch for cars and 19, 21, & 24 inch for trucks should do...

This consolidation should help reduce your tire suppliers.

The other major component of the drive train, the axle is pretty much accounted for but if you make these, then out source them and savings can probably be made here by reducing the number of your suppliers.

One final thought about mechanical compoents: General Motors has to make it, not only easy but convenient for customers to order their trucks with these diesel engines. Turn around time should be the same as one going down the production line.

Here is where the video will come into its own. You have started by telling a story and began showing how it is to be done.

Next, I'll take a look at the cars...


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