Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Saving General Motors: 103

Rebuilding General Motors is NOT in the realm of reinventing the wheel, in a manner of speaking, though it can be considered of magnaminous proportion to this region of America, if not the entire country. I'd say it's crucial to our survival given the fact that General Motor's Headquarters is located on the Detroit riverfront in downtown Detroit.

That being said, the proposal of streamlining General Motors is bound to have serious ramifications for this town, indeed this region if not this state, because many people will lose their jobs. Manufacting and office jobs will not only be eliminated BUT the remaining workforce will be recieving lower wages and benefits, compared to what they are currently recieving.

Nothing can be done about that!

It is as sure as night, which follows the day!

Dear Mr. Chairman of General Motors Corporation:

Your company doesn't have to loose the entire line of cars in order to rebuild itself; just the duplication across the brands and with the elimination of those brands, your problem is partially solved.

Building your luxury devision depends on the publics' uptake of those cars. The decision of building that line under the Cadillac's brand is a good one.

It is in the regular General Motors Car Division that I want to offer my idea for scrutinization, and I want to use one of your more poupular cars as an example.

First let me back up a minute and say that your cars should cover the market segment. They do right now but not in the way envisioned by me. You could have two or three offerings for every engine proposed: economy, up-scale and performace.

How would this work?

Take the current Pontiac Grand Prix. There is no need to have the Grand Am and the Grand Prix. Scrap the Grand Am and extend the range of the Grand Prix into the Grand Am's terrritory. That Grand Prix, in base trim, could easily fit into the high-end line of the Grand Am. The four cylinder engine with a manual transmission should work with this model.

Then you'll have the regular Grand Prix with fabric seats, or leather on special order. The 3.5 litre with your 4-Speed transmission is okay here.

After the regular model, comes the "UP-Scale" model. This one comes with leather trim, cloth option but the engine gets the better treatment. It can have better heads (18 or 24 valves) and multi-port fuel inject for increased performance.

The 4-speed automatic transmission is standard BUT manual can be ordered.

The "performance" model comes after the "UP-Scale" model. This car get the best engine: Four valves per cylinder, multiport fuel injection and twin turbo chargers. Wider wheels with low profile tires and full leather interior.

Aim this car to the enthusiast driver. He'll buy it, especially if it comes in a AWD configuration; and offer it with the manual 6-Speed transmission as standard. Automatic transmission as the option.

Savings will come by using one body style to produce three or maybe four models and two engine blocks:

Grand Prix: Base - 4cyl, 5 speed

Grand Prix: Regular - 6cyl, 4 speed automatic

Grand Prix: UP-Scale - 6cyl, 24 valve, 4/6 speed automatic

Grand Prix: Performace - 6cyl, 24 valve, twin turbos, 6 speed stick shift or 6 speed automatic

This cost savings can be multiplied throughout the entire range of available cars, paving the path for General Motors' revival.


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