Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Random Thoughts Going Into '06

It hasn't begun yet on the idiot box but pretty soon, all the major television networks, radio included, will begin remind us about the good, bad and ugly, especially the bad and ugly from the year. It will be hailed as the Year In Review and I will try to avoid this crap, if I can.

As for me, I would rather spend my time looking towards the future and making decisions, which should make my life as pleasant as possible. Here in point by point style are some things that I will or will not do or I think will happen.

I will add to this post as the year comes to end!

01: The General Motors Corporations will float the trial ballon of bankruptcy. Reason: Albatros pension and medical commitments.

02: We will see the first serious threat to the Intel/MicroSOFT hegmoney. Sun Microsystems will approach IBM with hopes of merging their processor technologies. This move will really revatilze the *nix world, especially GNU-Linux and Solaris.

The current spate of flat panel TVs, in all their variants will not live up to hype. Someone will rework the old CRT design to bring competition to this market.

04: I will not buy Sony's PSP unless there is recordable Universal Media Discs.

05: I will not buy Sony's PS3 until I have a High Definition television. I am currently leaning towards the Philips' 36 inch CRT. I would buy a 40 inch model, if there's one available.

06: The World Wide Web will loose more of its lustre, prompting other countries to setup their own domains and registration facilities. Content will become even more restricted as ISPs try charging for it.

07: The encrytion system on the gaming consoles will be cracked by the end of '06. oth: SONY might open theirs, partly to gain the upper hand against MicroSOFT.

08: There will never be a media center PC; not in its current form. There will be embeded media players, where everything is controlled with a remote. The idea of having a computer with the accompanying keyboard and mouse doesn't sell well with consumers.

SIDE NOTE: Nintendo have the right idea for a remote. It is a game controller but this company has demostrated the fact that everything can be incorporated into one device.

09: Some one should launch a commercial only channel. Imagine, just sitting there and lettinge the world+dog trying to convince to try their product. I would pay for that!

10: When are they going to integrate the capability of playing radio over the internet into DVD players? I thinkg that will be a cool method for bringing AM/FM radio into the home.


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