Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Service, Please!!!

I have, through the fine art of consolidation and elimination reduced both my taste and consumption to the few things which pleases me. For example, I have reduced the number of foods that I consume to their most basic components: i.e: nuts, fruits, grains, vegetables and meat, which include selected red meats and fish. These catergories are taken to mean the food is consumed closer to their origin rather than long into the processing chain.

I am trying to increase my water intake but that is proving to be a challenge because living in the cold negates thirst; but I am working on that...

In the realm of operating systems, I have moved the bulk of my computer usages from the MicroSOFT windowing environment to the free side of GNU/Linux. I started this conversation in the waning months of 2002 and I am happy to say that I do all my work in Linux.

I use the computer for writing, which negates the need for the faster and by defintion the newer boxes. Incidentally, I have two newer computers sitting on the floor of my basement with the Windows OS installed. I have not used either in many months: one, an AthlonXP in more than six months; the other, even longer.

Which brings me to my gripe:

I want to buy an MP3 player. One that have a large enough capacity to hold the entire theatrical production of King James Version of the Holy Bible, plus all my music collection which is nothing but the entire Bob Marley collection and a few others thrown in.

One would think that's not an unreasonable request, but whenever I read about the introduction of new MP3 devices onto the market place, I am always stuck with two things: the insidious comparison of the product to Apple's iPod and the asinine remarks as to what formats, these players can do.

Which in of itself is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, the iPod is the market leader and most people have Windows installed on their computers BUT THERE A FAIR number of customers in the great hinterland, who would like to see some of these gadget makers, make an extra effort and release software that would make it possible to easily load music from other OSes. Just once, I would like to see, in fine print another OS other than Windows 2000/XP being supported.

SONY, of all these companies should have figured out this by now. After all, the company is based in Japan and they should know about the perils of competition; they are locked in one right now with regards to the new gaming consoles that's coming BUT this company first got its start in the music industry.

These guys should have software on their website, which should allow the user of any OS to transfer musical files from any computer to their digital range of walkman. Instead, I am reading that these things would only allow for the playing their proprietory AATRAC system and, until recently MP3.

The argument that Linux is too fragmented to make a cohesive program is dumb. Pick any flavor of linux, make sure the program works on that and release it with the specifications attached. Better yet, go to Novell or RedHat and have them certify the program to be used on their OS; and if the program is released, then the public will hack the crap out of it to make sure that it work on other flavors of GNU/Linux.

And what's so wrong if SONY allow others to freely encode their music in their format?

Wouldn't that make for the selling of more hardware?

The purpose of making gadgets is to sell them. That's Apple's purpose: they charge a premium for their goods in exchange for being stuck with their iTunes service. No other supplier will match that volume because they are all feeding out of the same trough: i.e: Downloaded music through the Windows environment!

It is a dumb, stupid and short sighted decision to tie your fortunes to a single OS, given the predictable volatilty that's coming. Another area is mass storage. However that's for another gripe but for now, can someone get a message through to the guys over at Creative Labs?

They have a 20/30 GB mp3 player that's just dying to go...

I would like some service, just for once...


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