Monday, January 09, 2006

From WinXP to GNU-Linux...

I kicked the Windows XP operating system off my laptop after having one too many problems. I was having problems with this thing; a Compaq presario 2100 with a 40.0 GB hd, 256MB memory and a CDRW drive but a word about these so-called hardware manufacturers before I detailed the conversion and my choice of linux distro.

It is simply rediculous that teir-one manufacturers can make such power lacking machines. No laptop should be made with anything less than 384MB of system memory; 512 if the video memory is shared and 64MB of that number should be devoted exclusively to video. CPU speed should be at least 2.0 GHz.

But back to the main thrust of this post...

I had loaded on this laptop the following MicroSOFT products: XP professional, OfficeXP, One Note, Internet Explorer & Spyware beta. Additionaly there was Norton 2005, AVG antivirus and Zone Alarm. These seven programs; no more, no less.

Yet, whenever I turn on this laptop it took forever to boot, and then there was the whole shebang of dealing with upgrading the thing, which seemed to be whenever I'd turn it on: this usually resulted in at least one reboot per boot.

And to make matters worse, Outlook Express wouldn't work. I tried everything under the sun but for whatever it was worth, Outlook Express would not connect to the internet. Ironically, the laptop worked fine whenever I used a Linux LiveCD and this is what tipped me over the edge.

After a couple of months of trying; the laptop was out of warranty or else I would have returned it, plus it was a gift which made it sentimental, I finally wiped the HD clean and install Ubuntu. I finally understand Steven Vaughn-Nichols comments but hey, the laptop works great. It is not my regular machine; that is a regular desktop computer with RAID 0+1 configuration but this latop cannot be beaten for couch connectivity: surfing i all I do with it...

The count in my house now stands at: GNU-Linux - 4; Windows - 2.

And I do not turn on the Windows computers either.

Now to give this laptop to my significant other and watch her reaction...

Master moment: Priceless!


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