Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Good! Because I didn't...

Yesterday, I wrote about the decision of changing my GNU-Linux distrobution away from Fedora Core. I went so far as changing my server over to Debian: more on that experience later but I decided to uinstall and reinstall OpenOffice before taking the plunge and wiping out the hard drives on my workstation.

I did it using the yum commands:
yum remove openoffice*
followed by
yum install openoffice*
using the international version of OpenOffice. I went to sleep, leaving the computer to do its work; there was almost 2GB of data that flowed across the monitor but the end result is I have a fully functioning OpenOffice suite.

The Replace tab is back in the AutoCorrection!

Good! Because I didn't want to go the trouble of doing a "windows" on my machine. The dreaded R&R: Reformat & Reinstall. It's like I said: I really do like RedHat - nee: Fedora Core and was hating to see it go.

Thanks guys for fixing the problem...


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