Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I am not a programmer...

I a not a computer programmer.


In fact, I cannot write one lickety-split of code, except if I copy someone's work but I have this problem that I would like to see some smart coder work on in his or her spare time. I have a nVidia triple output video card: FX5600 with 256MB memory; nice card running under Linux...

The problem is that I would like to have this video card display a different wallpaper on each monitor. The thought process for the program would include the following ideas...

01. There would an option to activate this feature: Option TwinWallpaper

02. The images should be stored in the wallpaper default location

03. Alternatively, they could be saved in the home directory: /home/usr/.wallpaper (hidden by default)

04. The images should support all formats; tiffs, gif, jpeg, png, etc.

05. The images should be able to be displayed as the following options: center, tile & fullscreen

06. The images should support random changing, either by a timer or at boot; default: stationary

07. The /home/usr/.wallpaper directory need only be specified for rotation

How would the code for something like this look like?

I haven't the slightest idea but... not even windows have this.


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