Monday, January 09, 2006

If I was google...

I think Google dropped the ball with their google pack. After all, the rumor mill had it that these guys were bringing out something called a google cube.


I haven't the slightest idea, except to say these people were enthralled by the Mac mini; but that is no big deal, one way or another...

Google should have launched a 15 inch widescreen laptop based on AMD Sempron family of processors: keep it at the 2.0 GHz level. A 40GB Hard Drive and 512MB Memory with a DVD burner would do the job. It would be wireless, of course but the trick would be in the OS. Google could have offered either WinOS, or any flavor of GNU/Linux; and they should show the price differential since the only difference would be the windows tax.

The laptop would be an excellent idea and would sell because of the portability associated with the project. The software is mostly free; all of it is, actually but many people, including me would have gone for the idea:

A Google laptop...

But people from the FOSS community would be sadly mistaken, if they should ever think Google helping out the community because this company has a symbiotic relationship, of sorts with Redmond: for Google will become ever more dependent on MicroSOFT if they were to produce their own brand of laptop; and let us not forget, Google cannot load their google pack onto a computer and sell it.

Licensing issue!!!

However, Loveno could and what better way to sell a Goggle designed laptop. See it with the big-G, embossed in the top.

Those guys in Taiwan would have also love this idea...

Making millions of these things for sale in the US-of-A.


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