Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sony's Biggest Gamble


Is Sony nuts?

Or better yet, is the management at SONY not thinking right, if thinking at all?

What are they doing following their enemy's lead: releasing a two stage gaming console?

Someone should remind the people at the SONY corporation that this thing is nothing but a gaming console and if designed specifically for that purpose then there should only be one model.

We were excited at the prospect of having a new processor. We were even excited at nVidia being involved in the graphics of the system but then SONY changed the rules and began calling this thing an entertainment hub; a computer; a... whatever... but we are left to see its performance and value as time go on.

Dear Sony: Newsflash!

Your PS3 is nothing more than a stripped down computer. I cannot open its back and change out the processor, nor change the video card though you will permit me to change the Hard Drive. Heck! I cannot even open the back of the case because doing that will void the warranty; or in worse case, break your DRM and CRM laws.

Big deal!

Instead of trying to restrict my access, why don't you work towards making your console the best things there is; accompany by good games instead of stripping out parts of the console, calling it PS3-Lite and selling it at a cut-rate price?

There should only be ONE console: the PS3.

Stop confusing the people with this marketing ploy and do what people have known you for: making a good product...

Sad to say, Sony's Biggest Gamble will be their Biggest Mistake...